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Just wanted to say we have really enjoyed your Cub Canines course and are quite sad its come to an end!  Cyril clearly loved every minute of it and his grasp of all the basic commands covered is coming on really well.  His recall is also so much better, and we’re much more confident letting him off the lead in the park, after the 1-1 we had with you.  It was lovely (and reassuring!) to meet other puppy owners on a weekly basis and see all the puppies playing together at the end of the class.  We can’t wait for Competent Canines classes in the new year!

Steph and Ben commenting on puppy classes and a 1-2-1 session they completed in October 16


Lindsey & Oscar

Lindsey & Oscar

I first met Annie in November 2014 when I took my 12 week springer spaniel puppy, Oscar, to “Cub Canines”.  Oscar was a rescue puppy and going to classes was a pre-requisite to adopting him.  I was nervous about going to classes as I knew I only wanted to use positive reinforcement methods and was keen to try to clicker train him.  My nerves were relieved when I first spoke to Annie on the phone to discuss classes.  She was incredibly knowledgeable, she understood my concerns and was reassuring.  The classes were great fun for both Oscar and I.  The classes helped me to socialise Oscar and to train him around the ultimate distraction (a room full of puppies!).  Annie keeps the classes small which ensures everyone feels supported and receives the advice they, or their puppy, needs.  Rather than paying as you go, Annie runs 6 week courses which means you meet the same puppies and people each week.  This means you celebrate your puppy’s achievements together and commiserate when things don’t go quite so well!  The progress seen in the puppies during the course was incredible.

I decided to take Oscar to the next level of training with Annie, “Competent Canines” in 2015.  It didn’t cross my mind to look elsewhere for further training.  These classes were more ‘grown up’ and without the play at the end but Oscar still relished them.  It’s special to spend time working with your dog and this course focused on improving your connection.  Rather than treating a dog like a computer to be programmed, Annie showed us that by improving our relationships with our dogs they could be more responsive and the experience more rewarding.  Oscar built on the basics he had learnt in puppy classes and even nailed loose-lead walking!
Both of Annie’s courses were professionally run.  The handouts emailed each week revising what was covered in class were useful as a memory prompt and a reminder to practice!  I still reference them as a useful resource when working with Oscar.
Annie has also looked after Oscar on walks and for the day.  I enjoy seeing all the photos of what fun he is having even if I’m not there!  Anyone who has owned a puppy knows consistency is key so having done training classes with Annie I also know that Oscar’s training will be reinforced rather than undermined by someone using different methods or techniques.
Lindsey commenting on classes, walks and daycare



We called in Annie’s help as our very last option. We got Tyler when he was about two from a rescue centre. We knew he had ‘issues’ when we got him, he’d been homed twice and returned and we were assigned a specialist at the dog home before we took him on. His behaviour had always been erratic but we’d mostly worked around it. However, as our other dog Spike got older and more deaf, Tyler began to try to dominate him and got more and more aggressive – both to Spike but also to us if we tried to intervene. After 8 years (by which time Tyler was 10), our relationship with him had become very poor, and after one particularly nasty incident and a month in which Spike, my husband and myself had all been bitten we were at our wits end. We began to think having him put down was our only option, but, in a last ditch attempt at ‘reconciliation’ we decided to give a dog trainer a go. We contacted Annie through our local vets, but to be honest I didn’t think it would do any good and my husband was even less optimistic (I suspect he was just going along with it to keep me happy!).

Annie listened to our problems with Tyler and agreed to give it a go. In total we probably only had around half a dozen sessions with Annie and Tyler. It wasn’t anything ‘magic’. It was about understanding what might set off Tyler’s behaviour, how to avoid that if possible or how to deal with it when it  happened to avoid him becoming aggressive. The training was also about getting back to basics and resetting our relationship with Tyler – something that has made him and us much happier – and kept him alive. Nearly a year on Tyler is not perfect, but he never was and he’s not going to be. But most of the time he is a happy, fun loving affectionate dog, and when he’s not we can deal with it and come out uninjured. Thanks to the help we got from Annie!

Nicky commenting on her behaviour change sessions that occurred over three months in the summer of 2015.


Canine Canines 1-2-1 training

Nala and Adelphi

Booking Annie for 1:1 training sessions for our two rescue dogs has been the best thing we’ve done since rehoming Nala and Delphi.  Within minutes of meeting them Annie was able to explain their behaviours and what was causing them.  She offered clear advice and simple techniques for obedience training all backed up with a thorough report and training schedule.  Nala and Delphi are now well on the way to becoming the calm, relaxed and sociable dogs that we hoped for and the whole family are benefiting.  We feel very fortunate to have found such a caring and knowledgeable trainer and would whole heartedly recommend her services to anyone needing help with their dogs.

Jacky commenting on her first behaviour change session in April 2014.


Hyjinx and Tilly

“My dogs have been trained in Annie’s training classes and never have I had a dog learn so quickly and be enthusiastic at learning like mine are now.  Both love going to class and Tilly whines excitedly when we get close to the scout hut where training takes place.  I have used other places but too many dogs were in the class and mine struggled to concentrate in them.

Both my dogs always have waggy tails and get excited as soon as they hear Annie’s voice.

They have also been on walks with Annie and came back very tired. I will and have recommended Annie to anyone who is looking for a great trainer and true dog lover to help with the socialisation and training of your dog.”

Mel and Hyjinx who completed Cub, Competent and Clever Canines between May 2013 and April 2014 and Tilly who completed Competent Canines in January 2014.



“Just wanted to say how much my husband and I and little Barney enjoyed the puppy classes.  Barney can now do a very nice sit and wait and had so much fun meeting the other puppies.  Also thanks so much for the pet taxi service!! it’s brilliant!!! In my emotional state when taking Barney to the emergency vet, Annie was amazing!!!! so kind and helpful. Can not big up Cannie Canines enough!!!!”

Hannah, Stu and Barney who completed Cub Canines in December 2013.




“Thank you so much for all that you did in doggie club – it really helped me to feel a lot more confident around dogs and really helped me, in bonding with Bertie!”

Wendy and Bertie who completed Cub Canines in October 2013.




“We really enjoyed the Cub Canines course and Tilly had a great time each week! Tilly came on leaps and bounds over the six weeks and is well on her way to being a well-mannered dog now and our skills in dealing with her are massively improved.”

Nancy & James commenting after completing Cub Canines.  They later completed Competent Canines and then Clever Canines and commented: 

We found this course really helpful and Tilly definitely loved it!  It’s good to have some extra exercises to do with her.  All three courses have been great and a lovely environment to learn in.  Your patience seems to be unlimited!


“Thanks so much for all the training and 1-2-1. We’re feeling a lot happier and more confident about Pepe and how to handle things when we’re out and about.  He’s a quick learner and responds so well now, especially to ‘touch’ and ‘let’s go’.  The leadership stuff you did with us has made a fantastic difference. Even Merlin has learned a few things, in spite of his pick-and-mix approach to his studies!

Pepe and Merlin

Pepe adds: “Thank heavens I managed to get my humans to those classes.  Sometimes now you can be forgiven for thinking they know what they’re doing.  Most of the time now I can relax when we’re out walking and don’t have to worry they’re going to do something stupid or panic at the slightest thing. ‘Course there were times when Pretty Boy Merlin was a bit of an embarrassment in class, but you have to take the rough with the smooth. Cheers, Annie.”

Carolyn and Mike with Pepe and Merlin – commenting on behaviour change sessions and Cadet Canines classes which they completed in July 2013.




“Today was brilliant!  Flash is now spark out at my feet after a good play in the garden.  The best money I have spent in a long time.”

Sarah, commenting on her first behaviour change session.  April 2013





“Thank you so much for running the classes for the last 6 weeks, Jovi has really enjoyed them and your motivation gave us the determination to push through those days when we felt like felt like giving up!”

Susie, Andy and Jovi, who completed Cadet Canines in April 2013.




“Annie was fantastic at helping us train Monty in her cadet class, and he was a completely different dog at the end of the six-week course.”

Pete, Julie and Monty who completed Cadet Canines in April 2013. 



“We just wanted to say a big thank you to Annie, we really enjoyed going to the puppy training sessions, we have all learnt so much and Annie was fantastic in offering ideas and advice in how we could manage various developments and challenges our puppy Murphy was going through. Thank you very much Annie.”

Jules, Tom and Mister McMurphy who completed Cub Canines in February 2013.

Cannie Canines Puppy Classes

Dolly and Mister McMurphy

We had a lot of fun

Kirsty and Dolly, who completed Cub, Competent and Clever Canines between February 2013 and April 2014.

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