Dog Walking

A group walk in Leigh Woods


We all know a content dog is a well-exercised dog and we love seeing dogs active and happy outdoors.  We tend to walk at Ashton Court, Leigh Woods and local parks in South Bristol.

We will collect your dog from your home and walk them on or off the lead, giving them the opportunity to play with the other dogs and sniff lots of smells.  We generally walk six dogs at a time so that we can provide them with the attention they deserve.

A group walk at Ashton Court



Basic training will naturally occur during walks.  For example, we may ask dogs to sit before letting them off the lead, randomly practice recall and play training games.  This is balanced with giving the dogs plenty of space and time to do doggy stuff.  Of course all positive responses are rewarded, whether it be with praise, freedom, a game or a treat.

All of the dogs with Cannie Canines love their daily walks.  It’s an opportunity to have a good romp in the fresh air with their friends.  At the end of the walk we return dogs to their home, relaxed and ready for a snooze.

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