1. Are you insured?

Yes, we are insured through Petplan Sanctuary, who cover a range of pet trades.

  1. Are you licensed?

Yes, this is necessary under the Animal Boarding Establishments Act 1963.  Bristol City Council licenses us for home boarding. 

  1. What areas do you cover?

We walk at Ashton Court, Leigh Woods and local parks in South Bristol.  If you live near these areas contact us to see how we can help.

  1. Do I need to be at home when you collect and drop off the dog?

We are very happy to be left keys to your house.  When not in use, your keys will be stored at Cannie Canines in a locked safe, labelled with your dog’s name (not your address).  We’re also handy if you lock yourself out or need a last minute walk.

  1. How long is a dog walk?

It depends on your dog!  We suggest a minimum of 30 minutes and a maximum of two hours.

  1. Is collection of my dog deducted from the walk time?

No, when we say we will walk your dog for an hour we mean that.  Collection and drop off occur outside of the allocated time for walking.

  1. Will you walk my dog off the lead?

Yes, providing you think your dog is obedient enough to return when called, we have your written consent, and it is safe to do so.  We have a form we ask you to complete when we first meet you which covers this and gives us a written record of your dog’s needs.

  1. How many dogs do you take out on group walks?

We average about six dogs in a group, so that we can give each of them the attention they deserve.

  1. What do you do in case of an emergency?

In the unlikely event of an emergency, we will immediately call and notify you.  If veterinary assistance is required, we will take your dog to your vet, or to the nearest possible one, depending on the circumstances.

  1. What are your terms and conditions?

Please read our terms and conditions to ensure you agree to them before booking our services.


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